The "marriage by faith" program at work

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I continue to see (and be amazed by) the usual deceptions being issued from UBF about the controlled and arranged nature of the “marriage by faith” (MBF) practice. Here are a couple of examples of former members’ reactions when they saw the true nature of “MBF”:

(1) I asked questions like, “What is marriage by faith?” and I was told nothing but flat out lies and half truths. I only discovered the truth after many years of witnessing many examples. You’ve only been there one year so you can’t possibly know. Nobody will tell you the truth because they don’t want to scare you off. It was very painful for me when I finally, after four years of asking questions, realized that I was being deceived.

(2) I left after seeing the actual practice of “marriage by faith” on someone here … and the pressure placed on others to do the same. … I moved into a newly purchased house dubbed the “… House” and lived in common life with two “Shepherds.” One of whom has married a Korean woman “by faith” and another who is traveling to Korea in May to attend the 200* *** and more than likely meet a marriage candidate or two.

Occasionally, there will a slip of the UBF tongue such as the following:

“Shepherd Matthew Chiesi decided to marry to Shepherdess Mary Chiesi only by reading her life testimony, without even seeing her picture.” (quote from a UBF web site, early 2005)

But I’m sure the attempts to deceive the public and newly-recruited “sheep” about the nature of the “MBF” practice will continue.

In spite of the deceptions and denials, the signs that “MBF” is a program (arguably the most important program) in UBF should be obvious: So many “native shepherds” married to imported Koreans (London and Bonn as examples), the immigration ulterior motive of this program, the utter lack of marriages outside of UBF because of the lack of freedom to meet and marry people outside of UBF.

You might see a UBF guy in New Jersey or Germany marry a UBF girl from the Ukraine, and he may have spent a week at most in the Ukraine at a UBF conference or something. Or a guy marries a Korean girl who barely speaks English. Why do so many UBF marriages involve the INS or other national immigration agency? Some might mistake the “MBF” program for a “foreign wives” service. The point is, it should be obvious that a system is at work here because the results are systematic.

Picture this: You are a stranger to a church and ask a married couple in said church how they met. They might answer after a pause to think: “Oh, our pastor ‘introduced’ us.” If you ask all the married couples, and 99% of the couples answer something to the effect that “Our pastor ‘introduced’ us” or “Someone introduced us,” it might be a tip-off that something is really amiss at that church.

“MBF” is not a program of controlled, arranged marriage? Just look at the evidence.

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