A marriage of sorts…

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From a recent Sarah Barry “life testimony”:

I gave my heart to God first, then to Samuel Lee and to Korea. I decided to trust God’s work in Samuel Lee.

“I gave my heart to God first, then to Samuel Lee…” is what you’d expect someone like Sam Lee’s wife to say. Barry is touted as someone who “gave up her marriage.” But in terms of commitment and loyalty, she virtually married Sam Lee. It’s easy to see that very little good could come of such an unbiblical dedication of her life and devotion.

This near-marriage-level loyalty on her part to Sam Lee is a confirmation of what was observed by someone who saw the two of them operate together more than 15 years ago. I’ll repeat it here:

“[Barry] turned into the classic codependent enabler–a role she played to perfection for years, always deflecting criticism from Sam Lee [as abusive father] and acting as a ‘safe’ outlet [‘comforting (spiritual) mother’] for those of us who needed to complain.”

It also confirms what a Korean senior-level leader who left UBF in the early 90s said to me about what Barry told him, that she had made it her life’s work to build up and and support Sam Lee’s leadership by any means.

As someone else has commented, this near-fanatical devotion to one man may be “the core of the whole misery of UBF.” But here is Barry openly admitting such uncritical devotion given to a leader because in the end she sees nothing wrong with it, thus encouraging another generation of her UBF admirers to do likewise.

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