The thankfulness that only flows uphill

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A little late for Thanksgiving, but here it is. Written elsewhere:

The [UBF spokesperson] also uses an unspoken but common UBF tactic against those who leave UBF on not-good terms (i.e. almost everyone who leaves), the tactic of accusing them of “unthankfulness.” “We loved you and did so much for you and put up with you and showed you ‘mercy’ for all those years when we should have kicked you out long ago. See how ‘unthankful’ you are.” But the thankfulness never seems to flow in the other direction. After all, we offered tons of money from the sweat of our brows, we cleaned the “center” bathrooms, helped with construction work on the “centers” and chapter directors’ houses, we were your errand boys and errand girls, were your secretaries and seamstresses and hair stylists and manicurists and cooks (because apparently the leader’s wife can’t cook)–all free of charge, gave up weekends and study time to practice and play music at various meetings and conferences, gave up jobs or scholarships or further study in other towns and other schools, gave up family time, all to be at your beck and call, quietly put up with you and your authoritarian control and manipulation, quietly put up with your remedial Bible interpretations and scripture twisting and hours (months, years) of incredibly repetitive meetings, laughed at any attempt at humor on your part however offensive, prayed for you almost everytime we prayed as we were taught to do, and satisfied your appetite for heaping spoonfuls of undeserved and exaggerated praise. But we’re the ones that are “unthankful?” Riiiiiight. We should have kicked you out of our lives long ago. And now you are kicked out. Thank God for that.

(Also see this.)

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