It’s always others that need "divine discipline," isn’t it?

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From a UBF headquarters Sunday “message” a couple of weeks ago:

In the last couple of weeks, we have experienced devastating hurricanes in the Gulf Coast. From God’s point of view, it is divine discipline on our nation for ignoring God’s calling.

The code language used by UBF for much of its spiritually abusive practices is “divine discipline,” and in this context it means that the hurricanes were God’s punishment. That such a twisted view of the Gulf Coast hurricanes is described in terms of their “divine discipline” is not a surprise, considering that it’s part of a UBF “message.”

Of course, UBF is not the only organization or church that is guilty of publishing such a twisted view of the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes. To those Christian churches who think they are helping by publishing such a false view of God, we would say, “Grow up.”

To UBF, we would say, “Stop trying to sound like a Christian church.”

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