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"True parents" in the Unification Church and in UBF

June 23, 2004

If you visit some of the links about Moon in my June 17 entry, you see the words “True Parents” a lot. Moon, his wife (his 2nd or 3rd wife IIRC) and their followers constantly and insistently declare that the Moons are the “True Parents” of humanity. I have no doubt that the Moons are the “True Parents” of the humanity within their wacked but strangely influential cult.

So, who are your “true parents” in UBF? Well, according to a certain UBF defender (or rather, UBF critic attacker) whose pseudonym is impossible to remember, your “true parents” are your UBF leaders. Read his essay, and it’s impossible not to draw that conclusion. How might this play out in real life? A female member of Chicago UBF has in the past expressed that she respects Sarah Barry more than her own mother and that Samuel Lee “earned the right to be her true father.” And there’s also the obvious example of everyone in UBF being made to call Barry, “Mother” Barry.

From the perspective of a UBF 2ndgen, who are your “true parents” when your biological parents defer almost all important decisions regarding your future to their own “true parents” (their leader), when they allow their “true parents” to dictate what you will be named, what you will look like (surgically altered or not), whom you will marry? Who do you think has the final say on who a suitable “marriage candidate” for you is, even in “today’s UBF”? It’s certainly not you. But is it your parents? Or is it Mark Yoon in consultation with Sarah Barry and John Jun?