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Sam Lee in heaven humor

January 8, 2005

Some old posts speculating about Sam Lee in heaven including a “skit,” something I was known for in Chicago UBF:

Date Posted: 08:19:34 04/01/04 Thu
Author: rsqarchive
Subject: April Fools repost: Samuel Lee in heaven
In reply to: rsqarchive ‘s message, “Statement of apology, repentence
and resignation from Barry” on 07:11:47 04/01/04 Thu

Date Posted: 19:06:46 04/10/02 Wed
Author: Etaoin Shrdlu
Subject: Samuel Lee in Heaven

What did Samuel Lee say to God when he reached Heaven?
“Get out of my chair!

Date Posted: 07:37:53 04/11/02 Thu
Author: Friend
Subject: Re: Samuel Lee in Heaven
In reply to: Etaoin Shrdlu ‘s message, “Samuel Lee in Heaven” on
07:37:53 04/11/02 Thu

To Apostle Paul:
“You have a severe marriage problem!”

Date Posted: 09:08:07 04/11/02 Thu
Author: Yul Brenner
Subject: Re: Samuel Lee in Heaven
In reply to: Friend ‘s message, “Re: Samuel Lee in Heaven” on 09:08:07
04/11/02 Thu

Apostle Paul in a Konglish accent:
“When God’s servant prayed for me, my hair remarkably grew back.”

>To Apostle Paul:
>”You have a severe marriage problem!”

Date Posted: 10:21:15 04/11/02 Thu
Author: Gadfly
Subject: Samuel Lee in Hell
In reply to: Yul Brenner ‘s message, “Re: Samuel Lee in Heaven” on
10:21:15 04/11/02 Thu

To Judas: “Why did you give the thirty silver pieces back to the priests? You should have deposited them in a nice CD at Foster Bank.”

[Comment: Judas belongs in heaven as much as Sam Lee does.]

Date Posted: 11:38:16 04/12/02 Fri
Author: retired fellowship leader [Yes, that’s me.]
Subject: Samuel Lee’s vision of heaven
In reply to: Etaoin Shrdlu ‘s message, “Samuel Lee in Heaven” on
11:38:16 04/12/02 Fri

Samuel Lee’s vision of heaven:

Samuel Lee (St. Sam):

(sitting at head of large rectangular, gray table that used to be a ping pong table)
Peter! How many you going to bring this Sunday?!

St. Peter:

(trembling with fear)

St. Sam:

Whaaaaat!? You better bring 30 by any means! John! How many you going to bring this Sunday?!

St. John:

(trembling with fear)

St. Sam:

Whaaaat!? You are idle! You daydream too much! You better bring 25 by any means! Any fellowship with less than 10 will be merged with bigger fellowships! Any fellowship leader with less than 10 is a God damn son of bitch and better commit suicide by cutting their stomach in Japanese samurai style! Bartholomew, why you make 2 minus last week!? Defend yourself!

St. Bart:

Jesus is my defender.

St. Sam:

O! Now you have committed blasphemy! You cannot talk back to God’s servant like that. You better go to purgatory! Wesley! (That’s St. Wesley Jun.) Drive him to purgatory and dump him!

The lines uttered by “St. Sam” are based on actual things that Sam Lee said during most fellowship leaders’ meetings every week and every day during conference and UBF X-Mas “registration battles.” During one such meeting in a “registration battle” in the 90s, each fellowship leader was to give to Sam Lee an hour by hour description of their weekend activities for the “registration battle” on a Saturday to demonstrate that they spent all their time trying to get more precious registrations.


If their activities did not result in getting some number of conference registrations, Sam Lee would tell them to “defend themselves” during the meeting. At one point Sam Lee told Joe C. to “defend yourself!” Joe C. must have been pretty fed up at this point because he told Sam Lee politely, “Jesus is my defender.” This led to him being berated for “talking back” to “God’s servant” and being given some kind of punishment, probably being driven to Skokie and “dumped” for “Skokie training.” I was there, quietly watching.

But what if Sam Lee does end up in heaven? What if I and his numerous victims should meet him there? Here’s part of a post from an important discussion thread that reflects what I think:

Date Posted: 11:31:18 10/07/02 Mon
Author: Jacob’s hip
Subject: Re: I am crucified with Christ…
In reply to: FYI ‘s message, “Re: I am crucified with Christ…” on
11:31:18 10/07/02 Mon [FYI being a young man firmly stuck in the works righteousness and ends-justify-the-means teachings of UBF]

Here’s what I would do if I met Samuel Lee in heaven. I would shed tears of joy and praise God for his incomprehensible grace which is sufficient to cover and wash away all our sins, no matter how great, with the blood of the Lamb if we depend only on the blood of the Lamb. And Samuel Lee and all his victims and all the victims of the UBF system and the thief on the cross next to Jesus would praise God alongside me, and all sins would be remembered no more. This message of grace is why I became a Christian. There is no message like it in all the earth or in all the history of the earth.

Shortly after Sam Lee’s death, I heard some interesting stories from inside UBF. One was that on the day of or after Lee’s death, Sarah Barry went to the YMCA or somewhere and took a nice, relaxing swim. Other stories consisted of people, like my mother, expressing relief that Lee had died. Or the story of Ron Ward who was so battered after being under Lee’s direct daily manipulation for years that he was ready to go “pioneer” another chapter. His death was apparently one that many people–in and out of UBF–were looking forward to. Such is often the case with tyrants. As is also the case with many tyrants, even while many secretly express relief that he is finally dead, UBF tries to put the best face on Lee and continue to pay tribute to him and his twisted legacy.

Speaking of Lee’s twisted legacy, there were some UBF defenders who expressed hope (anonymously, of course) back in 2001 that UBF would naturally undergo some reforms after Lee died. No one knew at that time that his death was imminent. So, these people’s approach to bringing about needed reforms was to wait for someone to die. Isn’t that the approach to reform in places like N. Korea and Cuba, totalitarian regimes? But “wait-for-someone-to-die” has to continue to be their approach because Barry and her successors are committed to continuing in the ways of Sam Lee. Thus far, all my requests to describe specific changes in UBF since Sam Lee’s death have been met with silence.



May 28, 2004

In the Spring of 2001, during the heat of the third reform attempt in UBF, at a time when I began to see that he was even worse than what I had come to consider him, Samuel Lee said this through his messenger, Ron Ward, during a Romans 12 “message” one Sunday when I was in the pews:

Fifth, we must love others in Jesus. (9-13) Look at verse 9. “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Many people think that because we are Christians we must condone others’ sins and evilness. But they are greatly mistaken. Our love in Jesus must be sincere. Paul says, “Hate what is evil.” We must hate the enemies of God. Those who do not hate the enemies of God reveal that they do not love God. If we love God we must hate God’s enemies. If we love God we must love those who love God as our own brothers. The single most important factor in the body of Christ is love. But love must be sincere. When we want to love others with sincere love we must learn how to love others in Jesus.

Just the words, “We must hate the enemies of God,” do not convey what Samuel Lee was saying. He had Ron Ward scream those words at the top of his lungs that Sunday. As usual, Ward was miked. The effect was blood-curdling. That word, “HATE”, was the peak of the crescendo of that whole “message.” I could remember nothing else of what was spoken.

Of course, Samuel Lee was referring to the would-be reformers of UBF as those we should “HATE!!!”, those whom he referred to at other times as “barking dogs” or “crazy dogs” or “rebels.” So in UBF, you must “love others in Jesus,” but you must “HATE THE ENEMIES OF GOD!!!”, where the “enemies of God” are always those who would speak up about UBF, even those who gave their all to UBF and wanted to reform it. Love is “HATE!!!” It amuses me when certain UBF people talk about UBF’s critics as “hateful” people.

An example of this “hate the enemies of God!!!” mentality is the paranoid assumption on the part of current UBF leaders (both senior and junior leaders) that behind any criticism of UBF–even calls to set up a real system of accountability and discipline to address the sins of leaders–is the desire to “destroy UBF” on the part of those who are “out to get UBF,” i.e., the “enemies of God.”

Here’s an earlier comment by someone else on this savagely misinterpreted passage:

Who wrote that message? I don’t know how the writer goes from Paul’s words “Hate what is evil” to a distortion like “Hate the enemies of God “. It says “hate what is evil” not “hate those who are evil”. He is trying to redefine the word love. Instead of love you have “love in Jesus” which he redefines to mean a love reserved only for good Christians. I don”t know how anyone could so completely misinterpret Paul’s meaning. In the same chapter (verse 14) he says, “Bless those who persecute you”. It would make more sense to shout, “Bless the enemies of God!” In verse 20 it says, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to dr ink”. Maybe they should shout, “Feed the enemies of God!” or “Give the e nemies of God something to drink!” Sin is a disease. We shouldn’t hate people suffering from this fatal disease. We should have compassion on t hem as Christ had compassion on the leper. We should, “Love the Enemies of God !” as Christ loved us. –UBFSoul

John Jun’s response to my personal story

April 26, 2004

The following is an email exchange I had in January with a struggling member of Korean UBF who confronted John Jun with my personal story along with other documents. It illustrates the attitude and mentality of the current UBF leadership in regard to people’s grievances against UBF.

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:53:49 -0500

From: Joe Chung

To: []

Subject: Re: Re: Your mail

Reply-To: Joe Chung

Hello, []. I think it is wonderful and courageous of you to have this talk with Mr. Jun. His responses are not a surprise to me since he is not unlike my own father in his absolute loyalty to his leaders. I have addressed his specific responses below. Please scroll down.

>>>Dear, Joe.
>>>Last thursday(8th,january, korean time), I met John Jun.
>>>The reason why I decided to meet him was the last sunday(4th, jan)
>>>message about John 4:27-38. [ those contents in brief; …. food for soul….
>>>there are persons spreading seeds and persons collecting the fruits….]
>>>In that message, he illustrated Sarah Barry, SL and Daniel Hong along
>>>with many famous, modern ancestors of faith as good examples of the above
>>>mentioned persons.
>>>So our talk was started from the point why I became upset upon hearing
>>>the message. Just like that talk time of Nov(?),203, John Jun was prone to
>>>mentioning many good points(sacrifice, devotion, humility etc) of SB
>>>in a unidirectional way and initiatively, not permitting my arguments in

>>>Upon that attitude, I only said that there are also suspicious points
>>>about SB though I’m not absolutely sure. And I initiated to go further upon the
>>>things related to SL. For, at this time, I prepared the printed materials
>>>such as ‘horror storries’, letters to Kalep Hong etc’, ‘your testimony’, UBF soul’s
>>>post mentioning the similarity between descipleship philosophy and UBF, and
>>>J Dietzel’ s testimony. Those materials were chosen rather randomly but
>>>also appeared objective and persuasive to me.

>>>Asking why ‘SL’ appear in that message, I continued my arguments
>>>reading the underlined parts by me. Limited by shortage by time and also by my
>>>poor experience in such kind of meeting, we couldn’t discuss many things.
>>>In my feeling the most obvious pattern of response by JJ, was his
>>>’not-carefully-hearing or thinking mind. And he repeatedly said that we
>>>people should know both sides of any problem and we should talk about upon
>>>concrete evidence. And then he seemed to say the prepared
>>>interpretations of each event.
>>>According to JJ’s saying, the boy with psoriasis in your life
>>>testimony was some improved with saline injection and then ran away with a korean
>>>woman missionary after 5-6 months, but in your testimony that fact is not
>>>mentioned. Is that so? I’m not sure.

I have communicated with John P. in the last month. According to him, Samuel Lee’s “treatments” were no more effective than the steroids and various other drugs he took for his condition. More recent drug advances have helped to keep his condition under control.

The problem was that S. Lee and other top leaders claimed that S. Lee’s “treatments” had FULLY HEALED Mr. P. This was even claimed in a Korean newspaper article after Channel 2 TV in Chicago did their investigative report of Chicago UBF. So S. Lee and others plainly lied about Mr. P. to members and even to the public.

Another plain lie is this claim that he [Mr. P.] “ran away” with a Korean woman missionary. This is to imply that he was somehow romantically involved with someone at Chicago UBF, and that he left to continue in his “lustful desires and relationship,” a common tactic used to slander those who leave. Mr. P. left by himself. I was in Mr. P.’s fellowship, so I know.

I have also learned from emailing Mr. P. that the “treatments” did not stop with salt water injections (10-30 per day). S. Lee also did things such as blood suctioning and placing herbs into open lesions with exposed muscle underneath and lighting the herbs on fire.

>>>Then about the person with brain tumor: at that time, the measures
>>>given for the persons were the best. And the true diagnosis lately discovered
>>>was a sorry to everybody.
>>>His such explanation is good enough? I don’t know. But at this time of
>>>writing, at least I can say the atmosphere of chicago ubf under the autocratic
>>>way of direction is abnormal or wrong.
>>>But JJ doesn’t mention such a point. And I also couldn’t point out or
>>>argue against that kind of behavior of JJ due to my poor understanding of
>>>the discussion flow.

Sure, everyone was sorry to hear that Gary Cowen was sick due to a malignant brain tumor. And people praised his faith, graciousness, etc. after multiple brain surgeries. There was a nice funeral held for him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t erase the fact that they earlier accepted S. Lee’s pronouncements that Mr. Cowen was just pretending to be sick and even demon possessed.

>>>And then about R. Yoon: JJ says R yoon was a person SL favored a lot
>>>than others.But sadly and agianst the hopes of concerned people, the first
>>>husband was too lustful in a physical sense; the second husband had no
>>>interest in mission an he pressured R yoon to leave with him to NY or
>>>like that, but R yoon rejected the proposal of the second husband.
>>>Is that so? I’m not sure.
>>>And at present time of my writing, I recall that JJ didn’t answer any
>>>about the issue of abortion.

Unfortunately, Mr. Jun is right about Rebekah Yoon being “favored” by S Lee. In fact, he was obsessed with her. No matter what the faults of her two husbands, these husbands were hand-picked by S. Lee for her. S. Lee tried to dominate her life in every way, even taking away her son when he felt like it.

The abortion issue cannot even be argued. There is no question that S. Lee ordered her to get that abortion. No wonder that Mr. Jun didn’t even want to address it.

>>>And then about S. choi Jr; JJ denied about any pressurizing of S. Choi
>>>Jr’s parents. And so the part of your testimony is lying, revealing the
>>>falsehood of testimony in general.

As I have written in my personal story, it was Yoonsook Choi [my mother-in-law] who told my wife and at least one other Korean missionary that Mr. Jun pressured her and her husband to sign that prepared statement after the suicide. So, either my mother-in-law is lying, or Mr. Jun is the one who is lying.

>>>And about your eyelid surgery: if so, it was your responsibility
>>>finally.(**Joe, JJ didn’t say these words in a hurting manner. So I hope you are not
>>>hurt by this)

I’m surprised that Mr. Jun would even comment on my eyelid surgery. Even my parents would be afraid to say that this eyelid surgery was my “responsibility.” My parents know that it was S. Lee’s idea and that it was they who pushed and pressured me to get this surgery so as not to anger S. Lee.

Furthermore, I was in the middle of serving on a court jury for two weeks when I had to get this surgery done. I had to explain to the judge and fellow jurors why I was wearing sunglasses in court to try to hide my stitches and scars. I should add that detail to my personal story.

>>>After then, we couldn’t have enough time to read further. So I
>>>hurriedly said some more.
>>>About Bonn center: JJ sent some senior shephards to Bonn center but
>>>couldn’t find any evidence, so the testimony is basically lying.

I recently communicated with a Cologne UBF person, and even people in Cologne and probably Abraham K. Lee himself seem to still believe that Peter Chang and the Bonn Center is terrible.

Is it true what I hear, that some Korean chapters are sending their kids to Bonn for some kinds of “training?”

>>>And I summarily insisted that formal repent and frank discussion and
>>>clear accounting should be done. But there was no special response within
>>>the given time.
>>>And he said that probably you were actually a fruitless person (**Joe,
>>>JJ’s saying was never the kind of hurting you. And he said this only in a
>>>vague way.), and so you maybe have been trained more from SL or others, so
>>>its maybe the cause of your present behavior(this last sentence is my

Hmm. I never heard during my time in Chicago UBF that I was a “fruitless” person. Instead, I heard a lot of praise, that I was some kind of “exemplary second generation missionary.”

If I failed to “feed many sheep” in Chicago UBF, it was because I didn’t want to bring them there, where they could be abused by S. Lee or hear his often patently offensive Sunday “messages” and “announcements.”

[Rest of email not included]

"Why Beat a Dead Horse?"

December 21, 2003

“Why beat a dead horse? Isn’t Samuel Lee dead? Why focus on a dead man?” Sometimes I am asked such questions. Of course, the same could be asked of UBF which celebrates things such as “UBF Founders Day” and talks about preserving Lee’s “spiritual legacy.” Here’s a RsqUBF discussion forum post about this subject by ChicagoXile that I heartily agree with:

Date Posted: 14:47:55 06/18/03 Wed

Author: ChicagoXile

Subject: Re: I think we are beginning to love to hate

In reply to: Tony Lang ‘s message, “I think we are beginning to love to hate” on 11:04:25 06/17/03 Tue

Tony, let me first say: thanks for your concern. I mean that sincerely.

>Lee damaged a lot of people, and

>in the letters that appear I can see a lot of hurt. I

>have a kind of feeling that this is the sort of thing

>that will make Lee very happy. Lee was a negative

>influence during his life time and I can see that

>this controling power that he had is continuing long

>after his death.


>I ask myself what is the best way to insult the memory

>of someone no longer present? I think it is to forget

>them. That is what we should do with Lee. Think of

>all the pleasure he is getting in hell knowing that

>the very thought of him brings out such negative

>emotion in people.

No one gets pleasure out of anything in hell. It’s just eternal torment in utter darkness. So, no, Lee isn’t laughing it up that people are still writing negatively about him.

Also, I don’t think anybody in UBF thinks it’s particularly funny that Lee’s true character continues to be revealed because Lee’s teaching and his family (including Barry) are still central to UBF.

I find that as Lee’s true character and the facts of his evil deeds are revealed, it leads some people in UBF to start questioning. For instance, see and, both recent posts. I think they start to question why their chapter leaders and shepherds revere Lee so much when there is ample testimony against him. They may start to see that the UBF “reality” is not reality at all. They may start to see and be disturbed by UBF’s “ends justify the means” philosophy as it is applied to Lee’s life by UBF leaders. They may start to see the personality cult within UBF. (As Andrew S. wrote after he left UBF: “I raced back to UBF and read more of the newsletter, and suddenly the articles there seemed very strange. They came into focus. These articles were praising Samuel Lee, UBF’s late chairman, instead of God.”)

People who wake up to the reality of what Lee really was may not necessarily leave UBF. But they might be more careful lest they prop up another Samuel Lee. Or they may decide that they’re not going to submit so easily to UBF’s destructive authoritarianism that continues in Lee’s name. So even those who stay in UBF might be bettered by the Lee reality check that we try to provide.

>Ubf is a worthless organisation, it is going down a

>road that leads to nowhere. My advice is to allow it

>to travel on . In these days of advanced education

>it will not survive.

Unfortunately, level of education has not been proven to protect people from cult involvement. M.D.’s, Ph.D.’s and engineers abound, not just in UBF, but in many other cultic groups and abusive churches.

>We should allow it to commit

>suicide which it most certainly will. It might take a

>little time, but in the not too distant future it will

>not be around.

Unfortunately again, the Moonies and Scientologists aren’t going away. Neither is North Korea. And neither is UBF. While we wait for them to just go away and do nothing, more lives are damaged.

UBF "Founders Day"

December 20, 2003

Instead of mass marriage, Chicago UBF apparently held a UBF “Founders Day” meeting on the week of Samuel Lee’s birthday in early October. The point of this meeting? To praise Samuel Lee. According to RsqUBF discussion board posts, the organizer of this meeting seems to have been Ben Toh who also appears to have been the organizer of “memorial services” for Lee in previous years. On the program: An opening message in praise of Samuel Lee by “Mother” Barry, followed by three sogams in praise of Samuel Lee by Christy Toh, Alan Wolff, and … my mother. The choice of these three people to share such sogams makes me raise my eyebrows, especially the last two people. I’m guessing they didn’t volunteer to do this, but I could be wrong. If my mother did volunteer to share one of these Lee “praiseologies,” I have to marvel at how different her story is when she’s in front of me and when she’s in front of UBF “coworkers.” If my mother did not volunteer for this, I can only see it as a disgusting attempt to re-educate someone who possessed some shred of independent thinking about the person of Samuel Lee.

More on the beatification of Samuel Lee: The Korean UBF headquarters has dubbed their main auditorium “Samuel Lee Hall” or something to that effect. It’s also been reported that Samuel Lee’s widow has created a Samuel Lee shrine of sorts in their Chicago house that was destroyed by the January 2002 fire and subsequently rebuilt using UBF funds.

More on Samuel Choi, Jr.

December 2, 2003

An archived discussion thread from May 2003 about my late brother-in-law, Samuel Choi Jr., has been posted on RsqUBF. This was my contribution to that discussion.