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What is an "American?"

June 8, 2004

I heard this snippet from a speech given by the recently departed President Ronald Reagan: (this is from memory)

You may leave America and live in France for the rest of your life, but you will never be a Frenchman. Similarly, you may go to live in Japan, but you will never be Japanese. But you can come to the United States of America from anywhere in the world and become an American.

That in UBF (and even in the former “Reformed UBF” to some extent), this great concept of what it is to be an American was never understood, reveals much of why UBF’s unique brand of institutional racism exists. To focus on “Americans” aka “North Americans” aka “White Americans” is to totally misunderstand what this great nation is about. To focus on those “precious white American sheep” is to make your own 2nd generation Korean children (those burgeoning Americans themselves) second class citizens in your own home, as the story of this former UBF 2ndgen reveals. The Americans are everywhere; UBF just doesn’t see them.

Notes to Self

January 30, 2004

Just reminding myself to add sections to my personal story about Chicago UBF’s institutional racism and the practice of coercing members into giving “first fruit” offerings.