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Out of the overflow of the heart…

October 19, 2006

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If you criticize Sam Lee, UBF’s version of the “Great Leader,” some in UBF will likely tell you that he is dead and that you are just beating a dead horse. But then they have this Founder’s Day thing every year to prop up this “dead horse” and praise him to the heavens. Here’s a comment I posted on the latest attempt by a UBF veteran on “Founder’s Day” to rationalize Sam Lee’s “diarrhea of the mouth”:

Shafer praises Sam Lee as someone who “spoke his mind” and “spoke the truth” without fear. What a whitewash, displaying the characteristic UBF ignorance of scripture where it suits them, something they accuse “topical” teachers of doing. (1) Jesus said that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. (2) Samples of what was in Sam Lee’s heart can be seen here and here. This is not a man who spoke the truth. This is a man who poured forth as much garbage as he wanted from his lips, with much malice and little love, because no one stopped him. I endured that for years.

An archived thread reveals more of the overflow of Sam Lee’s heart. Ironically, that was Sam Lee insulting Shafer’s former “sheep” in a Sunday “sermon.” Where did Sam Lee get the material, the dirt that he tried to throw over Holly Lord in that “sermon?” He got it from Joe Shafer, of course.


(1) My own mother, at the first UBF “Founder’s Day” 3 years ago, declared in a praiseology that “Dr. Samuel Lee was a man of truth.” One wonders what these people’s notion of truth is.

(2) Notice how closely Jesus ties the overflow of a person’s heart (one’s words) with the tree and its fruit two verses earlier in Luke 6:43. Our words are the fruit. Personally, I saw Sam Lee do much more damage with heartless, crude and domineering words than he did with fists or baseball bats.

Life in a UBF nutshell

October 11, 2006

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Related to the subject of the UBF “sogam” is the UBF “life testimony,” in which everyone’s life story is edited to fit the UBF mold of …

Part 1: I was so bad before UBF,
Part 2: Through UBF I found God, became a holy man/woman, and got a calling for “world campus mission” which is now the meaning of my life.

At the end of the “spiritual struggle” to write your UBF “life testimony,” it’s actually your UBF leader(s) who has written your life story, as someone else has observed:

Writing a life testimony itself could not have any spiritual meaning. What matters more than writing a life testimony is how one views and interprets his life during the process of writing the life testimony. If one writes the life testimony only through the help of the Holy Spirit and with biblical perspective, one can clearly find spiritual meaning in his life and put everything in biblical perspective. But in Ubf, you are forced to view everything in your life from UBF perspective. It is because you are forced to rewrite your life testimony again and again before it is considered to be acceptable by ubf leaders. Even after that, the life testimony is heavily edited before it is shared. Thus after the whole process of writing the life testimony, you have your life testimony interpreted purely from ubf perspective or by ubf leaders. And you are explicitly/implicitly forced to accept the life created by ubf leaders for you during the process. If you try to put in any different perspective in it, you will be called a “proud” or “humanistic” sinner or “a cultural Christian” and a ubf leader will announce a special prayer request for the “rebellious” person during a public service. Then another rewriting “training” follows until you accept the life testimony essentially written by ubf leaders but not by you. So the life testimony produced in this way cannot be called a life tesimony in biblical sense.