John Jun on the "enemies of God"

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From the same recent “message” in which he sees the parents of UBF recruits as an “obstacle,” John Jun, the newly “inaugurated” Director of UBF states:

Burning anger consumed him, like a volcano. He took the disgrace as his personal insult. Out of his spiritual anger, he committed himself to killing this enemy of God, and removing the disgrace of Israel and the insult against God. David’s challenging spirit [classic UBF-speak] came from his holy spiritual anger.

God’s people [UBF-code meaning “UBF members”] must have spiritual anger. Once, Apostle Paul was preaching the gospel to an important official who had a spiritual desire (Ac 13:4-12). But a sorcerer tried to turn him from the faith. Then Paul, filled with holy anger, cursed him saying, “You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right!.” Then the enemy of God became blind. Here we can see that if we truly love God and God’s flock, we come to have spiritual anger naturally. I pray that we also love God and God’s flock from the heart, and challenge the enemies of God with spiritual anger.

The language and philosophy here are not substantially different from Sam Lee’s: “We must HATE the enemies of God!!!” The future direction of UBF seems set. As in the past, those who disagree with UBF’s cultic methods are labeled the “enemies of God.” Internal dissent is also “of the enemy” and not tolerated. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, not that much more could have been expected from an old crony like Jun.

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