The institutional racism continues

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Again, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, another example of UBF turning back the clock. This time it’s from a UBF X-Mas 2005 report from the University of Illinois at Champaign UBF (now headed by Sam Lee, Jr.):

It is like a pond in front of a house. Whenever a man casts a line, a fish bites it and was caught. The same thing is UIUC sheep (1). Even though there are so many sheep, there is no shepherd to bear them (2). So they pray that many excellent Bible teachers may come there. (3) There are 45,000 students especially pure white people in UIUC.

Rejoicing at the vast expance of “pure white people” to recruit … a white supremacist would be proud, if he didn’t also hate Koreans.

(1) Actually, they’re called people.
(2) No shepherds at all; only UBF has those. Unbearable arrogance.
(3) Only UBF makes these excellent Bible teachers, BTW.

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