That quote again

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Something about UBF’s institutionalized racism again, appropriate perhaps for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The more you read it, the more disturbing it is. Here’s part of the quote again:

“There was a time when I had all black sheep or Chinese sheep or street sheep. Once Dr. Lee gave me a direction to give away my black [African American] sheep. Reluctantly I did so. Then God gave me 3 NA [white American] boys to study with. Several months ago, Dr. Lee told me to give away my non-student sheep, which meant basically all of them. … When I obeyed his direction from my heart, God granted me 5 new sheep in 2 weeks. These sheep are unfaithful. But God granted me 6 new sheep in the last two weeks, all NA [white American] freshmen …”

You might miss it due to the blatant institutionalized racism that stands out, but there’s also this recurring teaching of Lee and Barry that obedience to a “servant of God” equals “blessing.” There’s also this observation about the apparent teaching of a progression, that the degree of blessing is proportional to the degree of obedience to a “servant of God”:

He created a progression by writing that when he obeyed only reluctantly, he was only blessed a little (3 new sheep), but when he obeyed “from his heart”, he was blessed more (5 new sheep).

The problem here is not only that Mr. Lee’s advice was unbiblical/unethical. It would be even a problem if the advice would have been a good one, because it teaches that the blessing did not happen because he obeyed God or God’s Word or the Holy Spirit, but because he obeyed the advice of Mr. Lee.

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