The cult extended family II

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Whom did I have to call first from the hospital when my two kids were born? Whose approval did I need for what I could name my two kids? Whose approval did I need to buy a share of a house? Whom did I have to notify if I was leaving town on a business trip? Whom did I have to notify first, immediately after I defended my dissertation? Who chose my future marriage partners (I’ve had more than one UBF “fiancee”)? Who approved the place and date of the wedding? Who ordered that I undergo asian blepharoplasty? The answer to all of these questions and more is “Sam Lee,” who was to be for me THE “servant of God.” What important–and even some unimportant–areas of my life were not subject to the rule of Sam Lee? None. Who were the agents who encouraged and enforced the rule of Sam Lee in all the important areas of my life? My own parents, the model UBF citizens, who walked on eggshells their entire UBF lives around this one man, who “lived before men” their whole lives. That life was to be my inheritance (1 Pe 1:18). It was a miracle, a true miracle, the day those shackles were finally broken, and God wrested the reigns of my life away from men. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for such freedom was part of what you paid the ultimate price for (1 Pe 1:19). I’m even happier for my kids.

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