Fighting the "spiritual battle" against … parents

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John Jun off to a flying start as the newly-selected Director of UBF:

From: chungjoe
Date: November 8th, 2005 – 01:17 am

[John Jun wrote in a November “message”:]

When our young Bible students decide to live as Jesus’ disciples, the first obstacle they often face is persecution from their parents and friends. They are persecuted because they can’t spend as much time with family and friends. Some parents threaten them, saying that they wouldn’t give any spending money if they don’t listen to them. This makes our young shepherds worried. Because of the spiritual battle they had to fight against their parents, they become burdened and fearful.

cult religions such as Moonies, Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons or NEW AGE movement, and religious pluralism are the powerful Goliaths we need to fight against in our spiritual battle.”

“Fighting a ‘spiritual’ battle” against concerned parents of recruits is exactly what a cult does. But Jun goes on to denounce the Moonies, JWs and Mormons as cults. A classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Jun’s also had a major part in over 1000 UBF arranged marriages [according to another UBF “message”]. But he sees the Moonies as a cult. Or maybe he sees them as competition.

From: chungjoe
Date: November 13th, 2005 – 04:04 pm

Jun writes: “When our young Bible students decide to live as Jesus’ disciples, the first obstacle they often face is persecution from their parents and friends.”

So contrary to what UBF seems to sometimes claim–that UBF’s cultic reputation is the result of the actions of just a handful of disgruntled former members–Jun admits that the *real* problem for UBF is what it has always been for 30 years in America, the problem of concerned parents [another one here] and friends who see negative personality changes in a recruit as they are pulled further and further into UBF.

(Some thinking minds in UBF may cry, “Aren’t you in conflict with your UBF parents, too? Aren’t you fighting a ‘spiritual battle’ with your parents also?” Hm. I’m not sure that you could call mutually ignoring each other a “conflict” or a “spiritual battle.” I prefer to just call my situation what it is: Yet another case of family relations being damaged by UBF. I also prefer to see myself in the position of the concerned relative outside of UBF. I’m expressing my concern publically on a regular basis, and my concerns are being ignored by my relations in UBF who are trapped in the UBF mentality.)

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