1 Peter 2:9 and UBF; missing the point

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1 Peter 2:9 came up in a church sermon I heard this morning. And unlike the experience in UBF (i.e., 1 Pe 2:9 used in an empty slogan to try to stoke exploitative nationalism), the verse was actually properly understood and interpreted.

A reputable pastor, a trained servant of the Word, one who likely has the foundation of training in systematic theology in a reputable seminary will read 1 Peter 2:9 and will associate it with the priesthood of all believers. And he will not miss an important aspect of this priesthood, that priests are those with the privilege of direct access to God. Direct access to God with no compulsory earthly mediator, direction and leading from God without the demand to obey an earthly “director” (“UBF shepherd”); this is anathema to UBF.

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