UBFism distorts key Christian concepts

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Another post on the phenomenon that I’ve called “UBFism“:

Author: ChicagoXile for Daniel S.
Subject: Re: New testimony
In reply to: Andrew S. ‘s message, “New testimony” on 22:27:38 03/30/05 Wed

>Hello everyone. FYI, I have just completed testimony about my two years in UBF.
>I’ll be presenting a form of this story to the
>students at the high school where I teach.
>Thanks and God bless.
>Andrew S.

I read translated version by Chris. You can see very clearly the problems of UBF even though you had been there only two years!

I had been in Heidelberg UBF 18 years and two years in Giessen (to pioneer). I tried to write a book about problems of UBF, but I realized myself too indoctrined in a long term. I could not see the problems clearly. Now I have been studying theology since four years, I can more and more understand the differences between the biblical messages and UBF teaching. They distorted all important biblical keywords: grace, love, faith, mission obedience… This is a main reason why the Korean Ex-UBF members can not be integrated in the local church. They must be cured intensively and professionally. This is also a reason why they can not do anything after they quit the UBF. They do not understand the problems. They are too far indoctrinated and confused. Anyway I must study longer and deeper Bible and Theology. May God give me wisdom to complete my book.

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