Friday cat blogging

It’s a blogging tradition. Look it up.

This is “Skitty,” a name agreed upon by me and my daughter. She’s a 6-8 week old stray kitten who had taken up in our house’s crawl space with a mother and 2 siblings. It’s been a week since I trapped her and brought her in.

A moment of relaxation before resuming tearing around the house
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All babies seem cuter when sleeping.
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She eyes a future meal, our pet guinea pig who ignorantly seems to like her.
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We found out she’s a polydactyl cat. She has an extra “thumb,” giving her six fingers on her front paws instead of the normal five. That extra set of front claws is put to good use to climb all over our furniture.
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Our family had a cat from around 1986-96. Sam Lee saw him at our house one day and told my parents to get rid of him, or so they said. We (the kids) begged enough to keep him. At one point, the cat was the only thing I could relate my disgust with UBF to; I thought God was firmly on UBF’s side.

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