Jesus, "OTHERS," yourself

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(Alternate title: Do unto “OTHERS” as you would have them do to you.)

More on institutional racism in Chicago UBF from

Date Posted: 07:08:58 04/04/05 Mon
Author: Chris
Subject: Two kinds of “junk” sheep

The following had been posted here already two years ago:

Did you know that Samuel Lee classified people as “junk” sheep (who should not be invited and better be kicked out of UBF if they were already members), if they were not young enough or not white enough? The official euphemisms for these “junk sheep” were “uncle sheep” (not young enough) and “others sheep” (not white enough). Here is a passage from his Xmas letter in 1998:

Chicago UBF is growing recently. This year we had a goal to raise 350 American sheep. God answered our prayer by sending 350 Americans to our worship service on November 8th. We started this prayer when we had an average of 250 Americans. Among them were around 50 “uncle” sheep. I gradually sent the “uncle” sheep away to proper churches [So Lee admits UBF is not a proper church! What is it, then? They never defined it!] for their lifestyles and way of thinking [what was wrong with their lifestyle?]. They were too old to be raised as the leaders of this nation [or too old to get fully indoctrinated?]. So in reality, our number came down to 200. At the same time I could not deliver the messages even though I wrote all of the messages [he does not say why he could not]. So I began to try American shepherds as messengers. At first we lost many members [Lee implies here that the reason was that Lee preached better]. But after 6 months Pastor Ron Ward gained God’s power through his humbleness. Nobody prayed for the goal of 350 Americans. But I prayed [bragging about his own prayer – compare Mt 6:5!]. Of course, many prayed for 350 when I pushed them to pray. But when I did not push them, they did not remember our prayer topics. [UBF ministry is a ministry which only works by pushing people. Lee was very aware of this.] But God had mercy on us and this goal is established. [Why was this considered God’s mercy on *them*, and not mercy on those who were led to Bible study?] God is faithful to answer our prayer. The next goal is 500 Americans by Christmas time. Among Americans there are many kinds of Americans. We call them “others.” We pray that our “others” number may be decreased (!) and that our white American number may be increased. …

Just amazing. And again, Lee was not reprimanded or disciplined for his plain racism.

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