Some peculiar moral reasoning

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Someone wrote the following in January of 2001 in the rsqubf guestbook:

Name: he must go

Comments: Looking at this dreambook has brought back memories and brought on new feelings, the foremost of which is heaviness of heart over the condemnation of Gary (Jeremiah) Cowen. Nothing was done for the poor man. He was judged for his sins and made to suffer, but it was not God who judged and punished.

Thursday, January 11th 2001 – 02:07:40 PM

What the commenter is trying to convey is how Chicago UBF members might have internally justified their mistreatment of Gary Cowen. In their minds, he had it coming for whatever sins he may have commited or whatever sins they were told he commited.

Apparently, this peculiar (and quite disturbing) kind of moral reasoning has not died in UBF. A ~26 year veteran of Chicago UBF, a cancer survivor herself, was asked recently about my account of the mistreatment of Mr. Cowen. She reportedly did not deny that such things were done to Mr. Cowen, but she also saw the need to make it known that Mr. Cowen was not an innocent victim of the mistreatment, that Mr. Cowen was hardly a “righteous” man. No remorse. No shame. Instead, more blaming of a victim, someone who was treated inhumanely (to put it charitably) by Sam Lee and his all-too-willing accomplices in Chicago UBF.

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