Spurgeon on the graceless pastor

Something I wrote in March about another nominally Christian, “mission-minded” monster named Feroze Golwalla, whose small but incredibly abusive “missionary-training” cult included students from Wheaton College (of all places!):

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Subject: The characteristics of a young Samuel Lee
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As I read more about this Golwalla at http://www.ferozegolwalla.com, I get a picture of what Samuel Lee might have been like in his youth, already a liar, a deceiver, a monster. A Moody [Moody Bible Institute] professor recounts at http://www.ferozegolwalla.com/id36.html that Golwalla’s personal conversion account seemed to be devoid of Christ, an observation that many have made about Samuel Lee’s own personal conversion account.

When Feroze returned to campus for the Fall semester, my wife and I invited him over to our home for dinner. At this point I asked him to tell me about his conversion to Christianity. In the thirty minutes that he took to relate his conversion, he never mentioned Jesus Christ nor his atoning death on the cross. In fact, he stated that prior to his conversion he was intimate with God. (If so, then why would Christ be necessary for our being reconciled to God?) I got the impression that he was an unregenerate religious man with a thin, superficial Christian veneer.

The Golwalla described by this professor is the Sam Lee that I observed.

Spurgeon saw (foresaw?) the disaster that a graceless, unregenerate pastor brings [from “The Minister’s Self-Watch”]:

How horrible to be a preacher of the gospel and yet to be unconverted! Let each man here whisper to his own inmost soul, “What a dreadful thing it will be for me if I should be ignorant of the power of the truth which I am preparing to proclaim!” Unconverted ministry involves the most unnatural relationships. A graceless pastor is a blind man elected to a professorship of optics, philosophizing upon sight and vision, discoursing upon and distinguishing to others the nice shades and delicate bleedings of the prismatic colours, while he himself is absolutely in the dark! He is a dumb man elevated to the chair of music; a deaf man fluent upon symphonies and harmonies! He is a mole professing to educate eaglets; a limpet elected to preside over angels. To such a relationship one might apply the most absurd and grotesque metaphors, except that the subject is too solemn. It is a dreadful position for a man to stand in, for he has undertaken work for which he is totally, wholly, and altogether unqualified, but from the responsibilities of which this unfitness will not screen him, because he willfully incurred them. Whatever his natural gifts, whatever his mental powers may be, he is utterly out of court for spiritual work if he has no spiritual life; and it is his duty to cease the ministerial office till he had received this first and simplest of qualifications for it.

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