Superficial lip service to grace

Some solid analysis of UBF from a spiritual point of view today by a poster named heart4jc:

Date Posted: 13:21:50 08/17/04 Tue

Author: heart4jc

Subject: Re: To Mitch and J

In reply to: Mitch ‘s message, “Re: To Mitch and J” on 22:20:52 08/16/04 Mon

Like you said, you may be very confused because they seem to be so sincere. I believe that some of them are sincerely misled and others are masters of deceiving. To some degree, they may genuinely want to serve God, but they certainly lack the knowledge of God. With partial truth, they try to control the lives of their members and eventually lead to the way of destruction all together.

Roman 10:2 For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge. Since they did not know the righteousness that comes from God and sought to establish their own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness.

The most horrifying thing in the truth is seeking the partial truth as John McArther said.

Date Posted: 13:46:40 08/17/04 Tue

Author: former

Subject: Re: To Mitch and J

In reply to: heart4jc ‘s message, “Re: To Mitch and J” on 13:21:50 08/17/04 Tue

Yes, I think most UBF people are very sincere. However, their leaders are very cynical. The leaders can preach a message about leadership, sin, accountability, confession and repentance like this one hear: and at the same time completely and absolutely totally ignore the implications of such a passage in UBF.

Most people are sincere and misled, most of the top leaders should know better.

Date Posted: 14:11:32 08/17/04 Tue

Author: heart4jc

Subject: Re: To Mitch and J

In reply to: former ‘s message, “Re: To Mitch and J” on 13:46:40 08/17/04 Tue

I read the message, again. It’s so superficial. Having a unworthy attitude…well, the attitude should be rooted in the sense of being unworthy sinners. Just having such attitude itself doesn’t mean anything. We have to have a deep sense of being such an unworthy wretch, helpless and corrupted sinner, which UBF teaching and leaders lack. Based on profound sense of being a sinner, such attitude will be exhibited natually. Not changing your inside, they try to change the outside, like hypocrites.

They don’t teach such dynamics because they don’t know and they didn’t experience it.

When you are in an environment such as UBF where you are told that you must constantly “do something, do something, do something,” and at the same time where your ego is being constantly stroked, and where your leaders are supposed to be seen as beings on a higher plane, grace loses its meaning. UBF, which makes much of “gospel faith,” does not and cannot really understand the gospel of Jesus.

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