The Most Disturbing Thing

The most disturbing thing, the most disgusting thing to me and one of my biggest breaking points with UBF were the attempts by UBF’s defenders to drag the God of ABSOLUTE goodness down into the mire of UBF’s RELATIVISM when it comes to the sins of their leaders. They take a God of absolute goodness, who gives us moral absolutes which reflect His holy character and use Him to justify their moral fudging about the leaderships’ sins. They justify the inhumane and cruel “directions” of these leaders and the resulting tragedies because “all suffering and pain is to be seen in light of God’s sovereignty and perfect wisdom.” They say, “Nothing happens apart from God’s will,” not even the evil “directions” and deeds of these leaders. God’s absolutes, given in his Word, should allow us to draw a line, to distinguish between good, wise counsel vs. evil, self-serving “directions” of a leader. Yet they say that trying to apply God’s absolute standards of good and evil to a leader makes us “relativistic.”

Understand then that my break with UBF isn’t just over the acts of one man or a few men. It’s more fundamental than that. My break with UBF extends to the theological.

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