The Gift of Anger

A former cult victim once wrote:

Thank you, Lord God, for the gift of anger. Anger was the rocket fuel which propelled me out of the prison of the cult. Anger gave me the strength to break the battleship chains that once allowed me to do nothing when I knew loved ones were being abused. Anger’s fire consumed all the rationalizations, all the Bible twisting, all the guilting tactics that had silenced me before. Anger melted the scales that covered my eyes so I could see that the cult emperor had no clothes, that his authority was an illusion. Anger was what finally enabled me to say, “No more!” Help me now to harness and focus my anger, to put it to work… Truth and justice are cliches only to those who do not know your gift of anger. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of anger.

It turns out there’s also a book by the title, “The Gift of Anger: A Call to Faithful Action” by Carroll Saussy.

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