Sam Lee’s Mythical 15 Year Suit

My contribution to a recent RsqUBF discussion thread that somehow went off on a tangent about clothes in UBF:

I’m not sure how this thread about clothes got started or where it’s going. But I’ll take this opportunity to say something about Samuel Lee’s claim that he wore the same suit for 15 years, a claim that certain members of Chicago UBF just seem to eat up to back up their mythical image of Lee as an “austere” man. If Lee seemed to wear the same blue-gray suit for 15 years, it was because my mother was constantly being called at odd hours during those 15 years to come to the Center to either repair or alter the blue-gray suit or to buy all-new blue-gray fabric to custom tailor another “same” suit for Lee. It didn’t matter that she was sick or suffering from arthritis; when Lee called, she had to go and do this labor free-of-charge.

And for all this service, Lee once cursed her to my face in front of other leaders.

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